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Adult Technique Series

Monday, April 13, 2020  |  6:30 pm
Limited to 16 guests

A 4-week version of our 8 week technique series! We'll be teaching our 4 favorite classes from our latest curriculum. Join us this spring!

Class is an 4 week series and is only sold as so.

Week 1: Middle Eastern Salads and Flatbread

Focus: knife work

We will practice knife work and apply it to a variety of fresh salads and grain salads. Middle Eastern cuisine provides a great backdrop to work with fresh vegetables and discuss the use of spices. We will also make quick flatbread or fry breads that are popular in Persian cooking.

Week 2: Indian: Dips and Sauces

Focus: flavor balancing

This week we will focus on the elements of taste and how our palate reacts to different flavor profiles. We will make a variety of dips and sauces. Though our regional focus is India, we will discuss how these cooking skills and ingredients can be translated to other cuisines.

Week 3: France: Poultry Butchery

Focus: butchery

Each student will have the opportunity to butcher their own chicken. We will gain an understanding of the anatomy of chicken and that of other animals. We will discuss why we have different cooking methods for different parts of the body. Once we have fabricated the chicken we will spend time discussing different cooking methods, cooking dishes from France. This will be an extension of the knife work we have learned as well as building delicious sauces.

Week 4: Italy: Fundamentals of Pasta

Focus: dough work

This week we will make 2 different kinds of pasta with two different sauces. Each student will have the opportunity to make their own pasta dough. We will explore the differences between flours and gain a tactile understanding of dough. Our sauces will differ by region in Italy, emphasizing the regionality of our ingredients.


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