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Japanese Small Plates

Friday, January 31, 2020  |  6:00 pm
Limited to 16 guests

A fun menu to introduce traditional Japanese flavors and culinary foundations, learn about different styles of food, umami, dashi, and how to properly treat tofu!

Miso Soup: Traditional soup of fermented miso and fresh vegetables served in many meals, foundational for any exploration of Japanese flavors
Matcha Dango: Sweet rice dumplings colored with high-quality green tea and served with a sweet bean paste
Tsubu-an: Sweet paste of Adzuki beans, great in sweet and savory baked goods
Agedashi Tofu: Velvety silken tofu, gently fried, and drizzled with a flavorful tsuyu sauce
Okonomiyaki: Flavorful savory pancakes, grilled with whatever vegetables and meats you like, served with Japanese mayonnaise!


We're sorry, but this activity is no longer accepting reservations.
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