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Mexico and Beyond Summer Camp

June 15 — June 19, 2020, 9:00 am — 12:00 pm


Visit in and around Mexico and enjoy the flavors of Latin cuisine, pulling a bit from all different regions and countries.

Day 1:

Chicken Tostadas: Chicken in tomatoes and spices, perfect for tacos, burritos or enchiladas
Fresh Corn Tortillas: Masa rolled and pressed and griddled to perfection
Pico de Gallo: Fresh tomato salsa
Horchata: a central American drink made from ground rice and spices

Day 2:

Tamales: Fresh corn masa folded and filled with beans and cheese and steamed in a corn husk
Salsa Roja: Red tomato based salsa
Salsa Verde: Green tomatillo based salsa
Black Bean and Corn Salad: Beans and corn chilled with a lime dressing

Day 3:

Cuban Sofrito Rice: A flavorful rice perfect with beans
Cuban Black Beans: A tasty black bean cooked with bell peppers and spices
Tostones: Fried plantains
Mojo Mayo: Creamy dip for tostones, and more

Day 4:

Empanadas: Dough filled with beef, vegetables or chicken and sometimes sweet things!
Chimichurri: A blend of parsley, garlic, vinegar, a South American classic
Pao de Queijo: A Brazilian cheese bread

Day 5:

Flour Tortillas: Fresh flour tortillas, pressed and cooked
Cheese Crisp: Cheese melted on a flour tortilla and topped with vegetables

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