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Adult Technique Series; Rock Your Home Kitchen

Mondays, Sep. 5 - Nov. 12, 2018 (no class Oct 1)

Monday, September 17, 2018 6:30 pm — 9:30 pm


This is a 8-week class held on Monday nights.  The technique series is perfect for someone that would like to learn more in depth cooking skills that they can use at home every day.  The classes are 3 hours in length and you will be working on technique based recipes. We will be utilizing the entire  time to create and learn, unlike a public class where we sit to eat after 2 hours.  The recipes we use will be adapted to use seasonal ingredients.

You will hone your technique based skills in the kitchen related to:

Knife Skills: Proper knife handling, cleaning, sharpening and cuts to make your meals even more beautiful

Vegetable Cookery: Learn the basics of how to handle and prepare vegetables, using seasonal ingredients to create some delicious dishes.

Stocks and Sauces: How to make a proper stock is the base of so many recipes. Knowing classic sauces can help with layering your dish or putting twists on  the sauce to create new ones.

Poultry: Butchering a chicken, cooking a whole chicken and carving the chicken after it is cooked is a great skill and something to show off to your friends!

Pickling and Preservation: All meals should have something preserved or pickled! Learn this skill that is as easy as it is beautiful as it sits on your shelf to ferment.

Eggs: Eggs so many ways. Perfect this perfect ingredient by scrambling, poaching, frittata-ing and more.

Fish: Learning how to roast a whole fish as well as filleting a fish can be tool you use quite often and make for very healthy weeknight meals.

Pastry: We will touch on some pastry on the last week to finish this series off sweet!

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